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The Baltimore Orioles ended their affiliation with Erie, Pa., after the 1989 season, paving the way for the return of the "Sailors" nickname, last used in the mid-60's.
The Erie team operated for 2 years as an unaffiliated team until 1992, when Erie became the Florida Marlins' first farm team.  In 1993 Erie would be home to a Texas Rangers minor league team, all the while playing games at Ainsworth Field.
After the 1993 season the team would move to New York and be re-named the Hudson Valley Renegades, while Erie still had a club - the Erie Sailors of the independent Frontier League.  This 1994 team won the league championship in their only year of existence.
In 1995 the Erie Seawolves came to town, and with them a brand new stadium in downtown Erie.  This forced the Sailors  team to move to Johnstown, and subsequently, Kentucky.

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