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Antron Grier

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Antron Grier was a starting Outfielder for the 1987 Cardinals team, appearing in 52 games for the Erie club.
Grier's best minor-league season came in 1990, his last, when he batted .244 for the St. Petersburg Cardinals.  That season Antron picked up 86 hits, 8 doubles, and drove in 26 runs while stealing 15 bases.
Currently, Antron is the the Warehouse Manager for Jordan Outdoors Enterprises (Realtree) the biggest camouflage company in the world.  Grier has been married 16 years to his high school sweat heart Angela, and they have two children -Anfernee (13) and Alexis (9).

Anfernee is going to be a good baseball prospect.  His 8th grade school year he was playing with the varsity.  Antron spends most of my time now days coaching youth sports and watching his children grow up.