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Erie, PA Baseball

Jim Wilkie

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Jim Wilkie was on the pitching staff of the '94 League Champion Sailors.
In 1995 Jim received his first coaching experience with Portage High School.
Currently Wilkie is a union rep. for Local Union Ironworkers 395 in Hammond, IN, as well as working on his Civil Engineering degree at Purdue University Calumet.
I'm married with three kids. A 13 year old daughter (Carly.) , a 5 year old (in March)son (Tristan), a three year old son (Colton), And my wonderful wife Lori. She said if I put her age she will enact some sort of embargo.
Carly is your typical 13 yr./old little princess. At 9-months Tristan pick up a ball and whipped it at me. My first thought was "great arm angle". He is the most agile athletic kid I've seen. Colton, well lets just say he is a natural born linebacker/catcher. He was a 10lb. baby. Same size as Tristan and hits like a mule.
My wife is a full time student @ Indiana University. Major is Actuarial Science.